Why I hold little karaoke sessions in my room

Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Karaoke? Yes, but with no audience.

I work from home and as a freelancer, my mind gets tangled fast. This results from the fact that I juggle bits of different topics as I try to beat deadlines. It is very manageable but often, it catches up with me when I get exhausted and anxious. My karaoke sessions begin when I feel like the exhaustion and anxiety is kicking in. All I have for an audience is my bed and my room.

The sessions help in the following ways:


When my brain is exhausted, it feels like a muddy swamp in there. This takes a toll on my mental health and slows down my work. But my karaoke sessions pull me up. I choose to sing rather than listen to get my mind out of that dump. Even with my awful voice, music helps my mind relax. I don’t understand the science behind it, but I know I feel rejuvenated and great at the end.

Improve focus and creativity

Juggling a lot of activities at the same time makes me lose focus and creativity. With an unfocused mind, it is hard to work or concentrate. But according to this article, music helps stimulate the brain, hence improving focus and creativity. Hence, after my sessions, it’s easier for me to focus again. Sometimes, I will just listen and hum while I work.

Reduce anxiety

Whenever I face deadlines, I get anxious worrying if ill meet them. To help with this, classical music comes in handy. All I need to do is head over to YouTube and type classical music. The beats help calm down my mind before it blows up.

I treasure my karaoke sessions and it is a tradition I will keep doing for years. What do you consider your “Karaoke Session?”



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